More about moss art


The moss is preserved using a natural paraffin and glycerin process which essentially puts the moss into a dormant state, meaning it is neither living nor dead but still offers the same benefits to reduce air and noise pollution.

How is it obtained?

Outsourced by professionals, following the environmental and sustainable rules, from Nordic countries. The harvesters leave roughly five years between harvests to ensure the moss regrowth is healthy and robust.

Why is it called Reindeer Moss?

It is a prime source of food for Reindeer, Caribou and Moose and grows commonly in alpine tundra areas such as Canada and Scandanavia. The Reindeer Moss thrives where other plants and food sources cannot survive.

Benefits for Mental Health

There have now been dozens of reports produced to statistically show improvements in mental health as a result of being close to nature.

"Natural elements and sunlight exposure related positively to job satisfaction and organizational commitment, and negatively to depressed mood and anxiety"

More about our moss products:

  • 100% real natural Reindeer Moss with a soft and pleasant touch.

  • Preserved & Maintenance-free: does not require any care, it does not need light, watering

  • Does not collect dust as it has antistatic properties

  • Filters the air

  • Hypoallergenic, does not cause allergies. Natural dyes are used to obtain colors, it is safe for children and animals.

  • Reindeer moss dries out when the air humidity drops below 40% and becomes soft when the humidity is above 40%

  • An excellent sound absorber.

Cleans the air

Moss is a wonderful plant that continues to clean the air after it has been harvested and preserved. Moss walls work hard, day and night, absorbing carbon dioxide and pollutants from the air. The moss then converts all that yuck into the very biomass that keeps the moss healthy. Indoor moss walls can significantly improve indoor air quality

Controls humidity

Humidity refers to the amount of moisture floating in the air. And, while some humidity is good for healthy skin and respiration, too much can be disastrous for your home and loved ones. You see, bacteria and viruses thrive in high humidity. If moisture rises to dangerous levels, your home and family could be vulnerable. Bacteria can attach to clothing and furnishings, weaken your home's structure, grow mold, and leave your whole house smelling unpleasant.

Moss actively helps to stabilize indoor humidity by absorbing excess moisture. It can also release moisture into a room that's grown too dry, keeping your indoor humidity levels between 40% and 60%.

Sensory Stimulation

A moss wall is an excellent way to tickle the sense of sight, smell and touch. Moss has a subtle and earthy scent, similar to standing in a grove of evergreens. A moss wall can result in a calmer, happier chield when installed near a chield's swing set tor play area. You might even find yourself drawn to the calm of the lush green wall.

And, unlike other works of art, moss walls are open to touch and play. Exploring the soft and spongy textures like those that you can find on our website, can provide excellent sitimulation for babies, toddlers, the elderly, and those with disorders like Autism, Dementia and Amnesia.

Consider adding a moss wall to your: office, patio, balcony, bedroom, playroom, dining, meditation corner.

Healty Mind & Body

Spending time in green spaces is essential for a healty mind and body. Moss walls can help increase productivity, creativity, and mental wellness. In fact, one study found that simply spending the day around plants can effectively reduce stress by 12%. Another study revealed that students' attention was 70% better when taught in the presence of plants. The physical body benefits from a moss wall too. The humidity control will reduce dry skin leading less itching and fewer wrinkles. Moss walls also reduce dust floating in the air, thereby helping people with allergies and asthma. Among the many other physical benefits, greenery can also help human body heal faster from wounds and illness.