Preserved Moss Bonsai Trees

Preserved moss decorations are unbelievably beautiful and eye-catching with a strong advantage — They stay soft and vivid up to 10 years and require absolutely no care! Just imagine: no watering and no light is needed. And it never gets covered with dust! Sounds unreal? No, thanks to preserved moss, it's a beautiful eco reality!

Each and every terrarium, bonsai tree, and art object, at AMzing Gifts is handmade. Each one is unique, and will have it's own artistic differences. The trees come in different shapes and sizes. We use only the highest quality components and work with due diligence and high attention to details.

The crown is made of reindeer moss that is very soft, delicate and resilient. It is an amazing alternative to a real bonsai tree as it doesn’t grow and doesn’t need watering or cutting. It doesn’t need sunlight, so it is perfect for places without windows. It is enough to maintain the level of humidity over 40% and keep the decoration far from constant sunlight and other sources of excessive heat.

This is an amazing gift to yourself or to someone special, as this is not sold in any store, it is a unique gift. This is the gift that you deserve, delightful and extraordinary to enjoy every day! It will make great interior decoration elegantly fit in your home or at workplace.